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Veterinary services and a lot of love

On these pages we hope we can answer most of your questions about what we do and how we go about doing it. Of course, the nature of veterinary care is such that it’s always best to speak with one of us directly, at 70 25 90 08 . We’re here to help you and your pet.

“Dogs and Cats are members of the family. They deserve the best treatment possible”. DVM Sabine Förderer.

Frederiksberg Animal Clinic & Spa is a professional veterinary clinic which can treat diseases in your pet – but our focus is largely on prevention, since we will much rather get visits from healthy dogs and cats, rather than seeing your pet with a condition we could have prevented together.

We are a modern clinic with laboratory, operating theater, consultation rooms, CT-scanner, dental unit with x-ray and highly trained personnel. We aim to be a stress-free clinic where you and your pet can find tranquility in busy everyday life.

We strive to that your pet enjoys visiting us and our clinic – or at the very least is not afraid to come visit us. Therefore, our staff is trained in animal behaviour and we go to great lengths to give your pet a pleasant visit.

We initiate a treatment if your pet needs it. If your pet need to stay with us for more diagnostics, we strive to keep the visit as short as possible. For most diseases is the general rule that the best healing is in its own home with its own loving family.

In our housing-area we have state-of- the-art glass fiber cages with glass doors and dimmed lights, so your pet will have a good experience in a safe and quiet environment.

Frederiksberg Animal Clinic & Spa is a pain-free clinic – because we believe that all pets deserve a life without pain and discomfort. It is the policy of the clinic to attend to all pain patients the same day as the owner makes contact to the clinic. We take your pets pain seriously!

Please telephone us with any queries you have 70 25 90 08 or Book online.

Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 8.00 – 19.00, Friday 8.00- 16.00

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