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Pets are family-members

On these pages we hope we can answer most of your questions about what we do and how we go about doing it. Of course, the nature of veterinary care is such that it’s always best to speak with one of us directly, at 70 25 90 08 . We’re here to help you and your pet.

The best treatment

Pets are family-members and they deserve patience and the best possible treatment.

Each member of our professional team has their own pets at home – and we know it can be costly to have a pet. We also know there can be limits to how much you are able spend on your pets’ treatment. Therefore, we recommend all of our pet owners to draw a health insurance, because we first-hand have witnessed owners who, by financial reasons, had to decline a course of
treatment they otherwise would have opted for. You can read more about health insurance for cats here and health insurance for dogs here.

Here at Frederiksberg Animal Clinic & Spa we have the policy to always explain what course of treatment we recommend in relation to the problem and patient presented to us. We emphasize that you get a professional and honest advice from us – and then you decide which course of treatment you prefer. Frederiksberg Animal Clinic & Spa is not a discount clinic and we are not interested in participating in a price war. That is because we will not compromise on neither the quality of our treatments, the safety during surgical procedures nor with the continued training of our staff.

However, we are cost conscious at Frederiksberg Animal Clinic & Spa, and we strive give you most value-for- money at every visit. For instance, we do a large amount of research in choosing every part of our practice – from which vaccine brand will give your pet the best protection, to all surgical patients receiving oxygen and close monitoring under all procedures that requires
sedation. You can see our prices here (please note that the page is in Danish – give us a call if you need clarification of any kind).

Please pay attention to all we have included in our prices – we are confident that you cannot find the same value at other clinics.

Your pet is our top priority – and if you have any questions regarding a treatment plan, do not hesitate to ask!

If you have any questions or wish to make an appointment, please call on 70 25 90 08  or Book online. You can reach us during business hours on all weekdays. It is necessary to book an appointment to be seen by the vet.

Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 8.00 – 19.00, Friday 8.00- 16.00

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