Welcome to Frederiksberg Animal Clinic & Spa

On these pages we hope we can answer most of your questions about what we do and how we go about doing it. Of course, the nature of veterinary care is such that it’s always best to speak with one of us directly, at 70 25 90 08 . We’re here to help you and your pet.

Welcome to you and your pet

Pets are family. You probably already know that, and that is why you are on our webpage. In the heart of Copenhagen, we provide primary and specialist care for companion animals and their people. At Frederiksberg Animal Clinic & Spa we absolutely love pets, and we have formed a unique collaboration, where you have an expert at hand no matter what issue you and your pet is facing. We have the time to listen and the patience to give you and your pet the high-quality treatment you deserve.

Our aim is not to be the largest – but to be the best! That is why we care so much about quality, not quantity.

Frederiksberg Animal Clinic & Spa offers breed-specific health examinations at the yearly check-up. We see so much more than just a dog or a cat, and we create a dialogue where we focus on breed, age and lifestyle, and we teach you to prevent disease before it ever become a problem. That is what create value. More than 90% of our patients are companion dogs under 15 kg (33 lbs) and cats.

A breed specific health examination is a tailor-made health examination where we focus on the individual and take breed and age into consideration.

A large health examination with extended health profile is an add-on to our early health examination. The extended profile is recommended to geriatric pets – that is cats and small companion dogs over the age of 8, medium-sized breeds over the age of 7 and large breeds over the age of 6.

At Frederiksberg Animal Clinic & Spa is a high percentage of our dog clients short-snouted or brachycephalic breeds. We can help with surgery in the case where constricted nostrils and/or a prolonged soft palate is causing breathing problems for your dog, or if your dog is at a high risk of developing issues.

Welcome to Frederiksberg Animal Clinic and Spa!

Please telephone us with any queries you have 70 25 90 08 or Book online.

Opening hours Summer 2022: Monday – Friday 8.00 – 16.00

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